Values are what you consider important. It is a guiding principle or goal that lead to behavior to guide you in all aspects of your life. Your core values such as honesty, integrity, or discipline are normally linked to your identity or your sense of self. It’s what makes you as a person. Values help you grow and learn as a person. Values are important because it helps dictate and creates your future with experience.

NLP is a technology where outcomes and goal driven. Congruence is where your actions matches the goal that you value. Like philosophers would say about core values, there is no one size for all approach. Everybody is different.

So take a moment to kick and ponder on these questions that may get you to reflect on your core values.

Who do you admire? What is it about them, you admire? What is it about them that inspire you? What behaviors or qualities you like to emulate from the person you admire that inspire success? If you paint a picture of that movie and pretend you already succeeded, how do you know if have it? How would benefit you? What would happen if your actions matches what your core value in your physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual self?


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