Many often ask what hypnosis is and how does hypnosis work.  

Hypnosis is a tool or training that allows people to help them accomplish some changes in their lives. Hypnosis is about learning the skills to focus on the goal you desire to have in your life. Hypnosis enables the person to have tunnel vision about the end game of their goals. It is associated with what your mind imagines happening when you have the lifestyle you deserve when you have your goals.   

Imagine yourself watching the Lord of the Rings. You are comfortably seated in a cushioned seat with a big TV screen and amazing surround sound and stereo.  The movies are about three hours long.  All eyes at the movie theater are focused on the gigantic screen as you enjoy watching the film and getting into the plot.  The movie ends and you wonder with confusion that it is now dark and about the time. Times fly when you are having fun is an old quote that best suits hypnosis. Since focus is essential to a successful hypnosis experience, your imagination is quite vivid, and you easily slip into your right brain. Your right brain is the emotions, creativity, or your unconscious or subconscious mind.  

Hypnosis is about being in a relaxed state of mind.  When you focus on the actions you need to take to make things happen, be kind and gentle inside of you. It is about you reminding yourself in a calm state of mind and attitude while you handle your frustrated desire to carry out the contingency plans when you want to give up.    

Lastly, hypnosis is about repetition. Seeing yourself doing repeated actions that get you on the road to success is often better when you are in a calm leveling mood. Hypnosis is getting about you getting back a more useful perspective to handle your life stressors.   

Hypnosis is a skill you learn. Like learning any skill, it takes practice. Vince Lombardi said how “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” Imagine spending about 20-30 minutes practicing the art of hypnosis. Hypnosis improves your mood, and perspective, reduces stress and anxiety, and opens your mind to be more creative.      

People in a hypnotic trance are more relaxed and focused and are aware of what they want. Hypnosis is so easy that a 5-year-old can do it.  Here’s a rule of thumb. You will need to give up control and put a little more effort into and concentrate on imagining what you see, hear, and feel last.  Have you noticed that most insecure people are tense while most confident people seem more relaxed?  

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Your hypnotic trainer is a teacher who guides you into the state of mind you need to feel to go ahead and act. Be sincere about following the suggestions your hypnotist gives you.  Hypnosis is not the time for you to be a control freak. Relax and you will be good at getting into a hypnotic state. You might consider the idea that your calm, relaxed state of mind is the best place for you to be and you can attain your goal using hypnosis.  The trick is to keep yourself in a state of relaxation.  

Convenient Hypnosis Clinic Near You

We are happy to announce the opening of our new Southeast Hypnosis location in Houston, TX! Two office locations at 5718 Westheimer, 10th Floor Ste #64. This new Galleria location overlooks the beautiful skyline of Westheimer. 

For the Galleria location, we are located near an Exxon gas station and Memorial Lutheran School. Please ask the security guards to get you up to the 10th floor of The Cam Agency.

While our Friendswood, TX location at 607 S Friendswood Dr. Ste 1, Friendswood, TX  77546 continues to serve as our primary office, the Houston center allows us to extend our reach and offer our unique, transformative hypnosis services to a broader community. 

Our Houston location has been thoughtfully designed to provide a tranquil, welcoming environment, ensuring a peaceful and effective experience for you. 

Want More Help?

Do you need more help and guidance about mindset? Why not get into a coaching program that helps you learn the necessary skills to get you to the top? Learn hypnosis and NLP from the best in the business at Southeast Hypnosis. When completing your Coaching Program, you will get your hypnosis and NLP certification of completion.

Call 281-996-8000 to schedule your free 30-minute consultation session with us to see if this training system is right for you. People are booking their free consultations, and we only accept a limited number of people.

Know More About the Author 

Rose Hong Klein, MA, LPC. CH

She specialized in relationship/marriage &  business coaching, hypnosis, and NLP with over 20 years of experience inspiring human change. She was born in Vietnam and a self-proclaimed Native, of Houston, Texas. Her successful practice is located in Friendswood, TX. She is a Christian wife and happily married since 2002. She has lived in Houston, TX with her husband and daughter for about forty years. She has conducted many training series for UTMB and is available for speaking & training for your organization.


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