Understanding What “Morbid Obesity” Means

The term “morbid obesity” refers to a situation where an individual’s excess weight significantly increases the risk of premature mortality. Generally, a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 or higher is associated with this classification. However, some medical professionals argue that the threshold should be lowered to 30, as health risks intensify when your BMI surpasses 25.

Really, we are less concerned about any one number and more concerned with the way you feel in your body. Are you able to do the things you enjoy like playing with kids or grandchildren? Do you get winded when walking a short distance or up a flight of stairs? The number itself may vary, but the key takeaway remains: carrying extreme excess weight is hazardous to your health.

Igniting Your Weight Loss Motivation

Knowing you need to shed pounds is one thing, but finding the motivation to take action is another. Chances are, you haven’t always struggled with your weight.

Your first step toward reclaiming your health is convincing yourself you can do it. To ignite your motivation, set your sights on attainable goals that are within reach. While the ultimate aim might be rather significant weight loss like many of our clients have achieved, you need realistic milestones along the way.

We need to work with our mind and give ourselves wins all along the journey so you have the energy and motivation to keep moving toward your goal.

Why Fad Diets Are Not the Answer

When faced with the urgent need to lose substantial weight, it’s tempting to resort to fad diets. They sound like they’ll work. How hard could it be to cut out such and such for 4 weeks? We have friends who SWEAR they’ve worked for them… but the problem is, if you’re like many of our clients you’ve ALSO tried these before. You’ve found that restrictive diets and crazy exercise routines promising 15 minutes a day to a thinner waist just don’t get the results. It’s the same weight loss rollercoaster that you’d really love to just hop off!

These quick fixes are not sustainable and can often lead to physical discomfort or even illness. The real solution lies in balancing physical activity with reduced caloric intake. Embrace a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and hydrate adequately with water.

Why the Definition Doesn’t Matter as Much as the Action

Ultimately, the terminology around “morbid obesity” isn’t what truly counts. The primary focus should be on transitioning to a more healthy weight and improving your emotional well-being throughout the process.

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