Some fears keep you trapped in a prison of anxiety. Anxieties are feelings that either protect you from harm, help you set limits, or keep your boundaries safe. 

What is the positive intention of these fears?

Fears and anxiety are feelings that work on a positive intention. This emotional state protects you and keeps you safe or being comfortable. 

You have all the resources inside of you to learn to let it go.  When you are triggered you are in survival mode and recalling past traumas. When you recall these traumas, there is big emotional pain similar to post-traumatic stress disorder. These memories are often inaccurate because emotions are not always factual. 

The Anatomy of Fight and Flight:  Survival Mode 

A lion is running towards you. Your brain immediately signals that the lion is a threat. This triggered your body to release a big burst of adrenaline. Your body starts to shut down normal reproduction systems and spends all its energy to either fight or flee the loin. The body starts adapting to survive the danger.

You start to breathe fast. Your heart is beating. You can’t breathe. Your body is in a hot sauna and sweating profusely. You feel like you want a get out of here. It’s getting harder to catch your breath. Your mind is racing so fast. You feel like you want to run and get out of the danger.   

You are probably experiencing a panic attack. 


Are you really in danger? Is there a lion running toward you or is it a kitty cat? Is your memory more of a Freddy Krueger nightmare?

Remember the last time you went on that roller coaster ride? How about skydiving or bungee jumping? These activities are things you want to do and yet, the body reacts in the same way. 

Your body and mind store anxiety and traumatic experiences differently than you think. Your memories are more of a reflection of feelings of that moment. Feelings are inaccurate and feelings are not stored like a documentary video you may hope for. 

Memory is stored in the brain like the warped time machines of distorted facts with intense feelings.  Your childhood memories are more inaccurate than you think. When you are remembering your childhood, more than likely, they are more of an overblowing tall tail of missed facts missed information, and inaccurate viewpoints. Your brain tends to delete, distort,  and generalize your memories. 

 Your body stores memories in terms of feelings and emotions. Imagine you turning on your laptop or Apple computer. Your mouse right-click on your files where you saved all your photos and video memory of your family. 

See the envelope folders of the year and the happy faces. Your body will go back to one of these folders of your memories of your past when you are stressing over work, relationships, or money. 

This can trigger you to feel intense emotions of fear or doom even if it is all a delusion your mind conjures up.  This sometimes creates a phobia or fear response to avoiding certain things or situations. 

Memories define our lives. Even the strongest memories can be unreliable and misleading. Your mind is similar to a Time Machine. Your brain is wired to relive the past and add any preexisting boss, beliefs, or knowledge to that memory. 


Stepped into a habit that helps with your stress and your confidence when you are in the right mood to get things done.  So, your romance, sleep, good nutrition, and adventure about your future need to be in balance for your endocrine to function well.

  1.  Change your physiology to change your mood which means you can roll your eyeballs upward and take deep breaths.  Practice Self-Hypnosis
  2. Take care of your physical health by being in great shape by changing your physiology.  It can be as easy as swimming, walking, or riding a bike – exercise 60 minutes a day.  Taking a hike outdoors makes a person happier than they started.
  3.  Get enough sleep that is right for you.
  4.  Good nutrition – feed and nourish your body and take care of what your body needs on the inside by eating healthy at least 80% of the time. 
  5.  Drink more cool refreshing water than soda.  
  6.   Have fun and adventure in your life with the people you love- learn how to give and take in relationships and connect with people.  
  7. Having that feeling of purpose or mission in your life.

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