Practice makes perfect. Practice in the right zone of ambition, aggression, and mood. Balance your emotions toward neutral when you win or lose at something you want.

Having too much comfort is like a drug. Once you are used to too much comfort, the complacency feeling is addictive. It is like thinking you finished the race and won the game. When your ego is into the super high feeling of winning, your ego is also into the super low of losing.

Someone started this quote, “artificial high leads to artificial lows.” This feeling may lead us to finding a good or bad way to deal with your anxiety for comfort. Your uncomfortable feelings are operating from a positive intention that allows you to have all the resources, attitudes, and skills to make things happen for you.

So comfort “give a weak person consistent stimulation, good food, cheap entertainment, or (cheap wine) and they’ll throw their emotions right out of the window. The comfort zone is where dreams go and die. — Mindset. Therapy”

Occasionally, the comfort zone gets you out of practice or the skills that get you toward the goal you desire.

Your desire and the goal you want is all you can think, dream, and see. Get comfortable in the many places where things, people or events that make you uncomfortable. Be more comfortable with your frustration or mistakes, for it is the bell curve of achievements.

The ultimate picture of your goals are just goals. They are outcomes and require feedback, and you’re getting into the right mood to build the skills required to get you there. There is no failure, only feedback, only mistakes, only outcomes.


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