Things are hard. It’s harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can feel your heartbreaking. 

You find yourself complaining about how there are so many cruelties in your unfulfilling life. 

Will you let your life go and let others determine your life? Are you going to let others make your bed? 

When things are hard to get, it is in the lessons while suffering is when you get it.

Yet, you don’t believe it. You just feel heartbroken and engulfed with your pain. 

You never smile. Your eyes are blinded by the light. All you can see is the darkness and suffering of your life. 

Can you see the light? It’s your hope that holds you here on earth. 

It’s an easy ride to see how things are going bad. When your eyes and heart cannot let go of the past mistakes and traumas that cause pain. 

Stop fooling yourself.  Stop fighting with yourself. 

Just take a minute and it won’t take long. As you read this, take a deep breath and exhale calmly. Come on and visualize a beautiful picture of the countryside overlooking a great view of mountains with beautiful flowers. The sky is so blue. 

It’s Spring. Spring is a time when life renews. Spring offers you a glimpse of a new beginning that the animal kingdom has advantages of. 

The winter season was cruel for the animals and they lost their brothers and sisters. Many lost their parents but still….

There has always been hope for Spring. Spring brings warmer weather and a harvest plentiful. It’s a time to celebrate love with another and start a family.  Spring replenished Earth anew. 

Can you and will you see the past are lessons that ring in your hope and inspire you to reset, re-engineer, and transform yourself to be what you always wanted? 

You are flying your dreams like an eagle. You are so magnetic. You are so majestic. You are so confident with that beautiful smile. 

When God made you, you were born with his passion. God made you with all his love for you. You are precious in his eyes. 

Slow down and take another deep breath in. Exhale slowly now. 

So let your love begin. Will you see yourself always being created with lots of fire and a little bit of ice? The fire that motivation and you change. Ice to learn how to let go of your critical thinking and negative attitude about life and yourself. 

Visualize your most compelling life.  What do you want in your compelling and successful life?  What do you see when your life is so compelling and successful when you have it? 

What painful or uncomfortable conditions will be eliminated when your life is so compelling and successful? 

How do you know when you have your most compelling and successful life?  What will you see, hear, and feel last when you have your most compelling and successful life? 

What resources, thoughts, and ideas are available to you now when you have your most compelling and successful life? 

What actions are you willing to take to have it all in your most compelling life? 

What mood are you willing to be in when you practice the skills that you value that built your self-belief? 

Are you willing to be just okay when you rock your goals to be successful? Are you willing to be okay when you try and things don’t happen the way you wanted? 

You want to be there for yourself because you’re going to have your most compelling and successful life. 

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