Let’s start by telling a story about a man who became a father when he decided to surrender to stop smoking for good this time. He became a good role model for his daughter and family. He died a non-smoker at the age of ninety-four.

I recall that fateful day after service at Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church in about 1977, our family just got adopted into a family after being held in an asylum in Gaum because of the Vietnam War. I was a little girl, maybe six or seven, at church with very limited knowledge of English, seeing what was happening outside the church. There was a white man who seemed to be a godly man, talking to my dad and eldest brother, known as brother number one.

We were fresh off the boat, just acclimating to America, and were trying to understand it amid confusion and anxiety about this new place. I can only imagine how scared and frightened my dad felt. This godly man, who seemed to be a priest in training, pulled out a cigarette. I do not remember what he said, but I recalled what my eyes saw.

Why is this godly man pushing a toxic poison on my dad, seemingly wishing for his death? I remember my heart racing and wondering and pondering why this godly man pulled out this six-inch stick that smelled like trash and sunk of toxic chemicals. I was stuck with a sinking feeling of confusion. And, even at such a young age, I knew those big cigarette companies bathed in snake oil and corruption.

I would wonder how something that was marketed to be cool, smelled so bad and was so deadly. This fateful day, after church, led my dad and my brother to be smokers for about twenty years or more.

Thankfully, I am grateful that my dad and big brother quit smoking. They both made a decision to quit, which save their lives and build upon their self-respect as strong men taking care of their families.

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