How do you deal with your world when life doesn’t go as planned? 

It’s discouraging and frustrating when you are faced with the many battles of life such as loss, death or circumstance that doesn’t go your way. 

Dealing with the loss of a loved one, a job or a beloved pet is hard to sometimes remain positively optimistic about your life. 

Not getting the job you always wanted. Your child’s suffering through an illness or learning disability.  

With all the loneliness, sadness and physical or emotional pain, it is difficult to pull yourself out of the black hole.  

In difficult situations and circumstances,  your mind and body adapt to stress which leads you in a path of habits to keep your body healthy and alive. 

There are strategies and behavioral patterns and habits you automatically do over and over again during your survival cycle of stress. These habits are predictable that reinforce your strategy for self protection. 

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Here’s a personal anecdote about this concept for you to understand and apply it in your own personal life. 

Do you remember COVID-19 with all the uncertainties of a deadly virus? People all around the world were getting sick when they were infected. Some pulled through the illness and survived whereas some didn’t. 

In 2020, our family made a decision to take the COVID vaccination from Johnson and Johnson. It’s a one shot vaccination. My husband and Trinity’s body reacted to the vaccine just fine. 

However, I was plagued with a bad cold and bad cough that lasted for months.

Do you have an outcome in mind?

I was sick in bed and my mindset was not right with no outcome or goals for me to chase some more hope. The only focus and ruminating thoughts were how sick I am, the really bad cough and how I just can’t get better. With no clear outcome and vision of a better tomorrow, I remain stuck in pain. 

Identifying the problem state of mind that sabotages your success

With no motivation and lots of doubts, I was convincing myself that I am sick physically and emotionally. There was lots of pressure inside for me to overcome something I wasn’t sure I could. There was lots of anxiety, fears and doubts. I couldn’t identify anything that was going well.

 I had tunnel vision about being sick and sicker. Most importantly, there was a lot of blaming on other people like my husband that got in the way of change. Getting angry and angrier was about me not taking responsibility for my change. I was stuck in the rabbit hole of denial and bargaining. 

While being in and out of the office at Southeast Hypnosis, my focus was not on my business’ health and my cash flow was not coming in and out like a waterfall. 

It took about a month or more to go to urgent care and seek medical attention with the necessary medication for me to take to get well. This whole episode lasted three months to where it was hard to pull myself out of the financial burden I created when I had no motivation to do anything. 

We are now back to the year of 2023. It’s Christmas time and the holidays are approaching. We are celebrating the holidays with my husband’s parents in Arizona. When we got back to Houston, my husband got sick with a bad cold and cough. He kissed my lips and I was horrified. I am going to catch his cold. 

I just wrote the blog and filmed a YouTube video for Southeast Hypnosis about procrastination. There I listed tips to be more confident and productive. You can read it here:

I started to follow the instructions and write down in a journal or notebook the following steps. 

Step 1:  identify your goals

I needed to have a goal to chase to excite and motivate more hope and positive energies.  Here is my goal:  Southeast Hypnosis will thrive financially even through this difficult time. 

Step 2:  Break Down the problem state of mind and strategies that sabotage your growth. 

  • No clear outcomes 
  • Blames other
  • Get angry 
  • Fears of dying
  • Lots of anxiety 
  • Self pressure to get well quickly
  • Worry too much about the problem
  • Not able to make a decision 
  • Lots of doubt 

Step 3:  Wrote down a more useful state of mind strategy that are congruent towards your goal

  • Patience 
  • Remain calm
  • Slow down on the inside 
  • Need to set limits 
  • Ask questions to help yourself make a clear minded decision that is rational 
  • Positive mindset 
  • Carry out other people suggestions that you find useful in a more timely and urgent manner
  • Take risks and be fine with failure 

Step 4:  Breakdown your daily, weekly, monthly and annual activities that need to take place 

  • See doctor quickly use telehealth
  • Take medication as prescribed
  • Take hot bath with epsom salt to get the mucus out of your lungs for weeks until you get better
  • Go to the office when there’s a screening 
  • Do all events that support your business  

Step 5:  Put these activities in your digital calendar to remind you to do them 

Step 6:  A break down the small tasks in order of importance

Step 7: Monitor progress , reward and alter your plan that best reflects your progress. 

If you find yourself struggling to cope with past failures or feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. A hypnotist can provide you with guidance, support, and effective strategies for managing stress, overcoming emotional barriers, and building resilience. Failures are not a reflection of who you are and your self-worth. It is not a reflection of your inability to succeed because of your negative self-image and thoughts. They are simply stepping stones on your path to growth and self-discovery. You can develop resilience, embrace a growth mindset, and move towards a brighter future filled with possibilities as long as you try. The more you do and take action. This means the more you succeed. Make every day a great one because you are great! 

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