Are you moody? Not sleeping well. Irritable? Sometimes when you are in that time of the month, you just want to give because you are so hormonal. Sometimes the level of indifference of the goal may be due to your hormones, blood sugar, lack of sleep, or poor nutrition. Your body is an internal machine that missing parts; like when you want to make a cake you expect to put it all together easily but when your body is imbalance you can’t seem to find the eggs or the milk. When your body is imbalance, it just feels like you put all the ingredients together haphazardly, expecting the cake to be delicious, but what you had instead was a goopy, hot, mess. You just don’t know what your body needs to recover – it’s just throwing things together. So, to make cake you need to shift together all the dry ingredients and mix in the wet and just follow the directions, put it in the oven cook it at three-fifty for 30 minutes and you will have cake. There is a series of direction you need to follow to make it, you always have cake when you follow the directions. So, when your body is out of balance, it is lacking something regarding your hormones or lack of good sleep, nutrition, and blood sugar levels.

When your body is in fight or flight, it’s like a thousand warriors inside of you trying to end a war, when there is a war, it doesn’t matter how bad the casualties are on your body – it is all about winning. So, all your hormone levels are very high, your blood is pumping, adrenaline is high, every part of your body is in the fight to win against it. The soldiers will multiply to the billions because of the perceived threat of losing – when the war was never started in the first place it was just a delusion. You are left with the body filled with physical and emotional scars and pain. Here are some easy steps to change your mood too feel happier, calmer, and more in control:

  1. Take care of your physical health by being in great shape,
  2. Change your physiology to change your mood – it can be as easy as swimming, walking or riding a bike – exercise 60 minutes a day,
  3. Get enough sleep that is right for you,
  4. Good nutrition – feed and nourish your body take care of what your body needs on the inside by eating healthy and clean at least 80% of the time (when you are moody you may have too much sugar in your diet),
  5. Drink more cool refreshing water than soda,
  6. Have fun and adventure in your life with the people you love- learn how to give and take in relationships, connect with people
  7. Having that feeling of purpose or mission in your life of giving and receiving love.

Stepped into a habit that helps with your stress and your confidence when you are in the right mood of getting things done. So, your romance, sleep, good nutrition, and adventure about your future needs to be in balance for your endocrine to function well.

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Scott McFall