Beyoncé is normally a shy person, but she crafted this alter ego with the values, attitudes, and beliefs of Sasha Fierce. Her alter ego allows her to practice a certain mood and get into a more resourceful state to where she is more outgoing, sexier, and more confident so that she can perform for the audience. Mariah Cary’s alter ego is Bianca. Both celebrities get into character so that they can perform with the right intensity and aggression.

An important NLP basic premise is that genius is a series of predictable behaviors that can be broken down into small parts and can be modeled.

Emulation learning is where you copy the attitude, values, and beliefs of the person you admired and what makes them successful. The magic is first observed in how the celebrity or athletes move while they practice their sports or sing their songs. Since 93% of all communication is nonverbal, match their breath rate, their body movement, and their attitude and that solid feeling that makes them successful while they enjoy the practice of skills building that matches their goals.

You can learn more about how successful individuals achieved their goals by reading their biographies. Can you watch their movies, their TikTok, or even documentaries to see how they love the practice it takes to build skills to get what they want? Don’t you want to method act what they do? For them, it’s always about the outcome and how to achieve their goals.


Scott McFall:
Basic Techniques Book II by Clifford Wright

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