A milestone happened yesterday.  My iWatch has been my accountability partner for many years. But I started to wonder if it was healing or hurting.

Closing my activity rings has been a challenge and often time, I just debated what I should do. The end results were feeling tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated with myself.  The weight gained just made me depressed. 

Trying is still not making a decision to get this. Trying is a decision of debate and it is a decision that answer your question when you will stop doing this. 

Just do it.  Nike commercials 

Legends are defined not by their successes. They are defined by how they bounced back from their handle failure. Chris Bosh 

So, there is a technique for you. Imagine being twenty minutes into the activity that get you toward what you want. 

Can you first pretend that you’re already succeeded, and your attitude is you will have this? How would this change your life? Your communication with others will change? 

What would you gain once you have it? What would you lose once you have it. How do you know when you have it. 

What resources do you need to have it? 

Hypnosis helps you become fixated on your goals with a strong desire to achieve and have it. 

Hypnosis helps you relax and have the necessary confidence toward the end goals even when your body starts to cave. 

Hypnosis helps you develop a discipline and a habit with repetition that allows you to keep what you earned.