How do you get into the mood to exercise or be active when you really don’t feel like doing fitness for a fit mind and body? How do you get rid of your indifferent mood that used to get in your way?

Get in the resource state by modeling someone that is great in what you want to have. When you model, you can copy the successful attitudes, skills, and confidence of someone else so you can have the same kind of success that they enjoy. Copy their attitudes, skills, and their confidence when they stand tall in that room so that you can stay strong. Copy their talent, skills, attitude, and beliefs so you will measure up. You do measure up. Copy their talents along with that confident attitude that matches what they value about themselves. Copy the grace of their body movement and how their body stays fit and in great shape. See how they move and how they plan their day for success.

Let’s imagine how you would feel when you are done with the exercise and its already one hour in completing this. Can you imagine feeling that sense of achievement and that you are proud you did it! Can you exercise to feel easy going and more relaxed so you can navigate any stormy weather of your life? Can you decide to eat right with the right amount to go ahead and succeed?

How about getting in that mood by building a playlist that excites your soul? The music that reminds you to attack your goals with that childlike discovery curiosity of learning of receiving and giving love. Whether your generation in high school is in the 60s 70s 80s or 90s, motivate yourself and get the results you crave. Remember that song of your first dance in high school? The first dance music at your wedding? Remember the bands you liked in high school

Anchoring is an NLP technique that gets you in that peak, fun, emotional experience of when you hear that song that gets you in that mood. When you see, feel, or hear whatever that may trigger a response that reproduces the same feeling of happiness or sadness of yesterday. Your mind is a time machine that anchors memories to a certain stimulus with a feeling. Start correcting by adding a skill you enjoy doing in a fun mood.

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Scott McFall