What is more painful? Not trying and staying in fear or doing what you are afraid of? 

Can you live life not knowing the potential of risk?  Living, not knowing how good your highest self will be? 

What hurts more? What brings on your heartbreak? 

Your thoughts:

It’s too late. It is too much work to start over. I am too old. It’s too late for me. 

If you’re triggered, go work out. If you are dwelling on your past mistakes – go for a run outside in the sunshine and work out. 

If you are triggered, thinking of all your BS excuses, you find yourself picking up a chopstick and eating American processed food. You are keeping the pain. 

The more you talk about the problem the bigger your problem will be. Stop hurting yourself.  Have the feeling of negative emotions healthily. Covering it up with a bandage will not help. 

It’s supposed to hurt when life gives you many different curve balls. It’s physically and emotionally painful. 

Now, sit back on a lawn chair on a sunny day overlooking the lake. Watching the birds and the ducks eat, take a few deep breaths—Inhale peace. Exhale slowly, relax, and let go. 

You can have it all when you try and take action. The fear of not having just means you’re passionate about getting it. So, look around you. There’s a certain magic in you to remind you that it requires more time to get it.

 So look around and look inside your heart, there is a soul in you that needs to be kind and gentle whilst you sail through the rough waters of life. 

The magic inside of you reminds you of love for yourself and other people around you. But turn around and look inside your heart – be gentle, and be kind inside of you. Because that is where change will happen. 

So focus on your cool life and your mojo that you got this. 

So, take a few steps back. Relax. To remind you of what you are good at. What are you proud of? What is going well? So, take a few steps back to remind you. Looking at the people who love you – some people support you.

Take a few steps back to remind you and get in touch with that fire inside you.  See, hear, and feel yourself connecting to that sacred place that taps into your inner power and enlightens you from the heavens above. When there is fear, take a few steps back to remind you of your goodwill. 

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