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Pain Management through Hypnosis in or near Houston, TX

If you are someone who suffers from chronic pain, then you KNOW how physically and emotionally exhausting it can feel. It is difficult to enjoy a normal life when you are constantly experiencing excruciating pain and discomfort! Before hypnosis for pain management, many of our clients felt stressed, depressed and even hopeless. Pain can be a debilitating condition, but there are ways to keep it under control. Don’t wait to hit rock bottom! You can benefit from hypnosis, now!

Have you ever noticed how pain can intensify when you get stressed out? By reducing your stress and anxiety with relaxation techniques, you can decrease the amount of tension in the body. Once tension levels are lowered, discomfort in the body can be dialed down. Now, although pain is both a sensory and an emotional experience that is felt differently by everybody, pain tolerance is greatly affected by your mental state. Imagine being able to use your mind and imagination to help curb some of the intensity. Another perk of hypnosis is improved sleep which in turns naturally helps the body to heal and recover.

Houston Get Pain Management Help!

For many people, living with pain is a way of life. Learn how to manage your pain and stress using a lower dosage of medication or possibly eliminating medication altogether. With hypnosis, we will teach you how to control your thoughts so you can change your opinion about pain and feel more comfortable. Let’s make your chronic pain easier to endure with pain management hypnosis!

Note: Physician approval may be required prior to hypnosis.

Our Clients Say…

“After my first session, I went home and listened to my CD and slept well for the first time ever- really slept, without the aid of medications, and without tossing and turning.”
–Liz C., Fresno, TX

“I feel wonderful, have tons of energy and creativity I never knew I had. The rest of the story has just begun.”
–Kathy P., Kemah, TX

“This program has completely changed my approach to life. I felt trapped, running in place. I now see the futility of living life that way. I feel in charge of my life now because I am.”
–James M., Friendswood, TX

“I decided to try hypnosis as a way to help manage pain from an accident. I learned to relax, concentrate on things other than my pain. It worked very well and I would recommend Rose at Southeast Hypnosis to anyone seeking relief such as pain, anxiety and stress.”
–Harriet H., Pearland TX

“Since seeing you, I have seen a big change in Isaiah. He is more self-motivated, focused. He really enjoys his sessions. He is sleeping more. He is able to get a full night’s rest.”
–Krystal Z., Pearland TX