Do you just want to give in because you tried so hard, and nothing is working? Do you cave into that nasty cookie monster and feel guilty that you gave in so your thought is maybe that you already screwed up and you might as well go all the way? This leads to mood swings, feeling terrible about yourself, weight gain or smoking too much. We all have our Achilles heel where we eat too much, or smoke too much to comfort ourselves.

Sometimes we do need to let go and forgive that pain moment of our past that prevents you from moving forward. Understand, using hypnosis and NLP techniques helps you let go. You must shift the way you feel about your past mistakes to a feeling that is more neutral, indifferent or to where when you think about it doesn’t affect you – you are truly indifferent about it. By just talking about that bad memory, you will always keep the problem and talk yourself into keeping it. NLP have presumptions, which are useful starting points for communication: People respond to their map of reality- not to reality itself, NLP is the science of changing your internal map, your map of reality is what you see, feel, hear and think about the world around you, the map of reality is your internal map inside your head- simply put we are referring to the harsh dialog in your head and the images and how it feel to think about that memory which is all distorted. Memory is stored in the brain, is like a warped time machine of distorted facts with intense feelings – simply put your memories from your childhood feel accurate to you, when you are remembering more of an overblown tall tale of it. Humans have an inaccurate and delusional viewpoint about memories. It is not accurate because your mind deletes, distorts, and generalize that stimulus.

There is a saying in self-help, that the answer is always inside of you. The answer is really how you feel doing what you want to do in that resourceful state. You got to take action to get what you want. Talking about is just trash talking. The more you trash talk your mind the more you will cave to believing it – meaning “your goals are just trash”. So, comeback to who you really are, you can come back to who you are really meant to be by changing your mood through actions that you take. Become an action word, so that you can build faith in what you believe is true to you.

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24 Day Training Notes by C & S Andreas 1986

Scott McFall

The Master Hypnotist Society