Your need to be seen as smart, right, or competent can get in the way of humbling, accepting, and surrendering to what you really want. As Scott McFall and teach, this is the competency mindset. It is a mindset people have who tend to enjoy research and respecting data and logic more than taking action. Competency people tend to stay in the planning and learning phase. They overmeasure risks and avoid taking action. Debate, internal questions, and needing the pressure off to perform well and be seen as smart may be a person’s positive intentions. What appears to be simple can be complex in a competency framework of change.

As you are reading this powerful message for your change, you can decide now to go ahead and succeed as you pace yourself to see the benefits of taking action. Knowing what you want will make you take action toward that specific goal. All actions you will do now will make you feel happier and more in control of your life.

Scott McFall teaches that the best way is for you to stand up for yourself when you should, and sometimes when are full of it. You will cave sometimes when you are right and sometimes when you have no accurate point. It is the nature of life, “Correct, don’t protect” when dealing with yourself. That is the slogan Stuart Emery came up with decades ago. If we can change our view with more information, we have a chance of relative accuracy.

Will you get into the routine that all actions support that goal? Once can find more security and self-acceptance when you stay curious as a child about your life and your happiness of the achievement of your goals. Don’t you, or will you stay committed to getting it right with the actions you take? You were once an over-thinker and may need more security or break things down into smaller parts now. Can you feel safer inside of you when there is a mistake or what you think is a failure? So, feel safe with feedback and criticisms because a wise man knows you will never be successful if you don’t encounter failures. You’ll never learn if you don’t make mistakes. A wise man knows you will never be brave if you don’t get hurt. Being wise and taking action to get your goal will make you feel proud of yourself.

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