Our lives are filled with so many jobs, yet stress will eventually get to everyone. We often find ourselves caught in the mundane, obsessing over small mistakes and the imperfections of all the anxiety. This leads you to feel overwhelmed and stuck.

When you are feeling stress or a state of fear, do you find yourself thriving on all the drama of the problems? Do you cave into the temptation of toxic and negative people even though you know it’s wrong?

Do you let people walk all over you, and is your self-talk focused on the pain of those mistakes? Is your self-talk utterly cruel and ridiculously harsh? Do you often find yourself with a short fuse and easily angered because you find yourself making the same silly mistakes?

Are you going back to the same person that hurt you over and over again? Are you just more comfortable hanging out with negative and unhappy people who either sabotage your happiness, or you simply sabotage yours? Are you seeking approval from people who won’t give it to you? Is your focus on doing for other people and yet getting nothing back?

This cycle is very painful, and the way you view your world is small, literal, and has tunnel vision on the details of your failures. These failures seem to be supported by the people you are hanging around.

You are adapting to injustice and suffering by comparison. Is it that you would rather be right or seek approval from others who may or may not understand or support your dreams? Your dreams will not happen if you are consumed with fears of failure or being too focused on the details. This is just a self-shaming cycle of indifference.

Be Loyal To Your Process Of Change

The process of achieving your dreams will have many challenges that you need to face with wide eyes toward change. Hold yourself accountable for learning the skills to get what you want. It is only by loving the practice of learning your craft with much vigor and excitement, like a child at play, that you will succeed. Learn to face the ugliness of failure by learning something new, so you will do it better next time. Failures are part of the process of success. Always assume you are heading toward success.

Visualize Your Success First

Accomplishing your dreams is about looking at your documentary film of how your life changed for the better. Isn’t it about your pursuit of making something great for mankind? You see, this mission is what drives your obsessive desire for what you need to do to get yourself there. So, paint a picture of your film ending like all fairy tales — happy and ending on a positive note where you get to benefit from it.

Assume You’re Going To Have It & It Is Worth Doing No Matter What

You need to understand and acknowledge the existing skill set that you already have and believe that you need to be there. Is it worth the price to have it? You don’t have to suffer to get yourself there. Get your identity out of this. Believe in yourself and chase your gain exclusively.

Get Your Self-Pride Out Of Your Outcome

Be willing to admit to your mistakes and be in a mindset of learning from the masters of the game of life. Hold yourself accountable for those mistakes and set a process toward change that you will do. Correct what is wrong and make the change easy.

“All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride” — Sophocles

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