For most families, Christmas is a time where families come together and celebrate the birth of God’s son. It is also a season to celebrate the message of love, joy, festive celebrations and reflections.

The holiday is meant to be celebrated with high spirited parties and a high octane mood but people experiencing seasonal affective disorders often feel left out of the festive atmosphere.

However, for many, there’s the holiday blues where they are struggling how to deal with all the loneliness, sadness and pain of their past. Your sad reflections are of a time machine where their mind is ruminating over and over again on your sad tragedies.

Your mind and body is trapped in the cage of the ghost of Christmas past and scared to death of the ghost of Christmas future.

This leads to a person having a period of guilt, especially when it comes to unmet resolutions. Many failed to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions because it’s just too hard.

Sometimes things that are difficult to achieve are more due to your adaptations to stress and the habits your body creates when it thinks it needs to save you from harm. It has NOTHING to do with you or being a good person. Let us keep the way you feel about you safe and in love with you. This is what makes you great and where you can withstand any difficult times in your life.

It is easier for your mind to focus on the pain of inaction and all the emotional pain that a ruminating mind causes you. The ruminating mind may cause psychosomatic problems that lead to low concentration and energy levels.

In the movie, GroundHog Day starring Bill Murray , Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliott is about a weatherman covering the annual Groundhog Day and becoming trapped in a time loop, forcing him to live Feb 2nd over and over again.

Your mind and body is a creature of habits. The habits you create by repetition is a choice your body will make to keep yourself alive and healthy. Bad habits are created again and again that reinforces the pain that creates a strategy of behaviors you will do for self protection.

So, like the movie Groundhog Day, there are a set of behaviors which you do again and in a predictable pattern in regards to your work, job, marriage, money or play.

There’s strategies and habits you automatically do like you know your name even if these behaviors are toxic towards others or yourself. So your body doesn’t know what is toxic. It just realized that it will keep you alive no matter what.

Whether it’s a commitment to a healthier lifestyle or losing weight, improving your relationships, or improving your financial health, stopping smoking and fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions is possible with much dedication to your goals.

You are part of a hustle culture where you stop talking and put in the work required. There is this daily grind where you perform repetitive tasks over and over again to get your goal.

Here are some tips that allow you in 2024 to improve your self confidence and productivity like a rock star!

Tip #1:

Identify Your Outcomes by describing what you see, hear and feel when you have your goals.

Tip #2:

Identify by writing down the problem state of mind and strategies that sabotaged your success.

Tip #3:

Identify by writing down the more useful state of mind and strategies that are congruent towards your outcome.

Tip #4:

Breakdown your daily, weekly, monthly and annual activities and goals that need to take place.

Tip #5:

Put your daily, weekly, monthly and annual activities and goals you just outlined on your digital calendar to remind you to do them.

Tip #6:

Close your mind to outside and internal negative influences.

Tip #7:

Change your relationships with mistakes and failures. Understand the difference between risk and being risk aversion.

Tip #8:

See the bigger picture first and trust your intuition to get a wide overview of the success. Break down to small tasks and label things in order of importance.

Tip #9:

Monitor your progress, reward and alter your plan that best reflects your progress.

Watch this YouTube video for more tips and in depth explanations on procrastination to motivation:


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