Typically, around my birthday is the landmark of that leads me to reflect on my changes I’ve made in my life. It’s the point where I made sense of all my anxieties of the ghost of Christmas past.

Seeing the fireworks 💥 mark without my panic has been the work of hypnosis and nlp through the master hypnotist’s society and Scott McFall.

Embracing Growth and Change

Being wiser, more relaxed and having more confidence is what I like about being older.

I have been through a lot of pain for one person, but the pain has taught me many lessons for clients Southeast Hypnosis – Houston Tx for their change. Pain can change to where there is self-forgiveness. Pain changes to love of self and allowing yourself to go for the gold of success.

Change is change. Adapt to change. You are allowed to have a purpose and mission in your life.

The one change I appreciate is that of my relationship with my husband. I’m kinder and willing to see things from his viewpoint. Thus, he is willing to trust me on doing things and finishing them where I am a woman of my words. He is more willing to listen to my input when I am more reasonable.

Hypnosis has helped me response to stress much better to where my mind focuses on what can be done to repair or find a solution instead of keeping the pain of the problem.

Understanding the Adrenal Response and Getting out of Fight or Flight

Adrenal is the fight or flight response. It is where your internal body fires up the stress response to deal with what is troublesome.

5 tips that help you with stress

  1. Manage your stress response by having more grace and self-respect to label what are your triggers without shame, guilt, fear, or scrutiny.
  2. Try natural herbs such as Ginseng, Holy Basil or L-Thearine to help with your anxiety.
  3. Good nutrition with real protein and complex carbs
  4. Physical exercises, body movements
  5. Self-Hypnosis for self-control and self-awareness

How Does Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight?

With hypnosis and the programs at Southeast Hypnosis, our clients are often excited with their results. They apply the things we’re talking about in this blog post because it’s what we teach in our programs, and they report how the pounds start falling off because they’re able to rewrite their story about success and failure, their story about feedback, and their patterns related to food and exercise.

For instance, they learn to see setbacks not as permanent failures, but as temporary obstacles providing valuable feedback. This shift in perception, facilitated by our hypnosis programs, empowers them to overcome the challenges rather than surrender to them. They start to embrace their cravings as signals to make healthier choices, instead of perceiving them as insurmountable hurdles.

Our clients also discover the ability to say ‘no’ to unhealthy foods, deriving more pleasure from foods that nourish their bodies. Hypnosis helps them rewrite their narratives around food, reframing it from an emotional comfort to a source of physical nourishment.

Moreover, they change their patterns related to exercise. Where previously gym sessions might have felt like an insurmountable chore, hypnosis helps them to see exercise as an enjoyable activity, an opportunity to take care of their bodies.

Over time, these small changes in thought patterns lead to a significant transformation in their behavior and body weight. But more importantly, our clients report an increase in self-esteem and self-belief, and the rediscovery of their ability to take control of their lives.

Indeed, the most significant success isn’t just the pounds they shed but the empowering beliefs and habits they gain, which remain with them for life. That’s the true power of hypnosis and our programs at Southeast Hypnosis – it’s not just about weight loss, it’s about life transformation.


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