rnest Hemingway has a lot of faith that the readers will understand him when they read his novels because they want to.  His writing style is simple, and he is not pretentious.  He avoids complex metaphors or advanced vocabulary.  His singular focus is getting the reader to get his story simply.  He assumes that the reader likes him, making him confident in what he is writing.  His mindset is it doesn’t matter if the reader doesn’t understand his point of view.

He is credited for creating the archetype of 007 or James Bond, though he didn’t write those books.  

Don’t beg for attention and don’t beg for people to like you.  You have the resources inside of you to be who you are and stand confidently in everything you do well or not. 

What will happen if you let go of your fears, and doubt and decide that you will enjoy the process of change?  What will happen if you decide to succeed and passionately love what you desire in your heart?  Can you decide now to differentiate between taking risks and being risk-averse?  

I wonder if you allow your thoughts in your mind to rehearse the skills you need to enjoy the practice and the redundancy of the practice. 

As you listen to your inner voice, hear your inside voice calm and secure.  Stay relaxed as your mind wanders to what was and all the failures while you take a deep breath to relax and slow way down now.  

Can you do the things to succeed?  I wonder, will you, do it?  I wonder if you can make up your mind to allow yourself to reset and re-engineer yourself every morning.  All that can happen is that you succeed.   

Like when the sun rises, your soul is contented as the sun sets that you did your best.  You like you.  You love everything about you.  You love all the things you do to make you look and feel your best.  You are you and you are okay.  

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