Erin, my husband, texted this YouTube video one day.

Watching this video twice now made me ponder about my mother and also got me to change my health. 

My mother, Coung Thi Tran, died in 2004 in Orange, TX at Claybar Funeral Home. The four first years in the 2000’s were significant in my life. I got married to Erin around 2000 and gave birth to our daughter Trinity in 2002. 

My mother once was a petite size 2 and in great shape but she ballooned to a size 12-14 in her older age. Memories of her snacking on American sweets and processed foods — these were nightly rituals for her. It’s unbelievable how big she was and then how quickly when she got really sick became emaciated and frail. 

When she died, my sisters and brothers all mourned her death. I remember her medicine cabinet filled with at least 12 or more medicine bottles. As a family, we trusted her doctors to take good care of her and never doubted or asked questions about her medications. 

My mother had a bad stroke that led her to have up to 12 mini strokes. One doctor asked her for all medications and mentioned how there was one that caused her current situation now. Meaning, it made her asthma worse and that she needed to be off of this medication a long time ago. She was slowly dying. 

Calley Means is an advocate about the broken healthcare systems and was a consultant for the pharmaceutical and food industries. He was quoted “Alzheimer’s is now called type 3 diabetes” and every health problem we face is due to diabetes. (from “Diabetes is the root of everything,” Calley Means)

My mother’s failing health problems were caused by a poor blood sugar intake and regulation. This also caused her weight gain. She wasn’t sleeping well and became lazy when she didn’t exercise. 

Taking shortcuts to weight loss like taking Ozempic to lose 20 pounds easily and quickly is problematic. Here are some statistics Calley Means quoted: 

  • 50% of teens and 80 % of adults are overweight. 
  • 60% of adults and 33 % of young adults are pre-diabetic. 
  • 25% of teens now have fatty liver where it is normally seen in the elderly and alcoholics. 
  • 10% of food stamps goes to the funding of sodas. 

The American government spends 10 billion a year on soda companies. The #1 item purchase of food stamps is addictive diabetic water otherwise known as sodas.

Novo Norick is the most valuable company in Europe and they don’t allow Ozempic for obesity. All of their growth financially is coming from the broken US healthcare system. 

30% who take Ozpemic don’t take this drug in 3 months even though it is a lifetime drug. Ozpemic side effects are that it can paralyze your stomach and your GI system. Meaning your stomach cannot process and digest food correctly. 

Since 95% of serotonin is made in the gut. Ozpemic is a gut dysfunction which causes mental health problems such as depression and suicidal ideations. 

Personal Accountability 

This video hits a home run for me. I’m pre-diabetic. My fish tank is dirty and I need to face this. Eating out of emotions and stress causes me to gain weight. That sweet tooth I inherited from my mother became my coping mechanisms to avoid facing life stresses.

 Facing what it is and finding another way around it is accepting what is wrong and turning a weakness into a strength. 

Leveling with yourself about the problems facing that your fish tank is dirty and you allow all the easy fixes to lead you toward weight loss.

 When things are easy, a person tends to take the change for granted and become complacent. They stop doing all the healthy habits and see their weight loss journey as a race. 

You may not always enjoy doing all the actions for you to become healthy and thin. 

“Self love is about knowing how to transform your flaws into your strengths.”


“Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.”

Alexis Carrel

Mohammad Ali didn’t always enjoy working out to become the best boxer. It was the passion of what his mind sees that he is the world champion and a fighter was what he wanted.

In the next minute or so, I’m going to encourage you and help you come back to your center and renew your positive, goal-oriented mindset. As you read on, just settle in, relax your mind, and let these words soak in now.

You can always come back to who you want to be and get to keep your positive attitude about what you want and need in your life.  

Believe in your dreams and trust yourself if your abilities that you deserve shine bright like a star. 

Trust your unconscious mind to paint a moving picture of what are the possibilities when you take actions. You succeed because you take action. You expect great results when you do what you need to do to build your sense of self pride. 

You value your talent and resources that you do to learn from your successes and mistakes. You value yourself because you are doing everything you need to do that is in alignment of your goals. 

Your belief system is that you are capable of doing things to make it happen or suffer the pain of being a passenger princess or prince. 

Your obsessive desire that gets you up and moving toward the outcome is what motivates you during periods of doubt and insecurity. 

As you settle into a routine, you are fulfilling your purpose and goals that are such wonderful loving colors that makes you laugh and soul contented. 

Glaze in the mirror and love the future you because you love your goals deeply. 

So come back to who you meant to be. You were born a healthy and robust person that deserves to succeed. 

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