We all grow and learn at different rates and that’s ok. It’s about the journey and not the pace. It’s more about you getting into the right attitude to the beliefs you take actions to have that expectancy to the results you are wanting. 

Do you have the passion and deep determination to have what you dream of to be real? 

Passion can motivate you to finish what you started and handle any frustration that will blow your way. 

Outcome set off your passion for your goals to be real. It lights up your motivation to start taking congruent actions that match what you want. 

The past is your history that puts the cobblestones of learning into who you are today. 

The past is not useful when you are comparing yourself now to the you of the past. 

The past is not about comparing yourself to someone else. This creates intense emotions of envy and jealousy. 

You cannot grow into what you want if you are jealous of someone else’s happiness and success. You cannot learn from your masters if you want a short cut towards success. 

What is expected is realized. If you only focus on dogma and regret, your behaviors will manifest the shame you feel inside of you. 

See the bigger picture of what you see, hear and feel when you have it. 

Are you passionate about you and your purpose? Can you and will you understand that you are learning how to take your life ups and down in stride. You are learning how to adjust your priorities and make sure you take care of your needs much better. 

So, we all grow and learn at different rates and that’s ok. You are just you and be okay with who you are as a person.  

Loving yourself when you’re happy or sad, angry or insecure. You accept all parts of you and you are the only one that can reinvent and recreate yourself in a picture of who you meant to be. 

You are you and the version of you is inside of you waiting to shine bright like a diamond. So be just you and love yourself even when the things you do and behave are just ugly. Love yourself more during these times. Be more kind toward yourself.  

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