Mr. Gadget Man is my husband. That’s his nickname because he likes to research. He is very logical. He tends to make simple ideas very complex. He likes to educate others and has a hard time taking action. His emotions tend to return to being in self-control when he needs to find a solution to fix the problem.

Since I am all female and God created my brain to be different from a man’s brain, my female brain will kick into the feet and the catastrophe of the problem. I will focus all my emotional energy on the details of the stress of not finding a solution.

I am more self-expressive than Erin, Mr. Gadget Man. Self-expressive people tend to have their hearts on their sleeves where the options of others matter. Every action is an expression on them. The manner of how they dress and how they look is based on the viewpoint of I and self-interest of I. They don’t want to be pegged or put in a label by others.

I had to learn how to deal with pressure and take risks. There is a need for security in every situation. I don’t like deadlines. I don’t like to be surprised and am willing to lose a big opportunity because of it. All this used to be true. What “was” is totally different now.

I learned many skills in dealing with pressure, confidence and business management with Scott McFall and the Master Hypnotist Society where taking big risks means big opportunities. It’s also about doing enough detailed work and avoiding overthinking the project to get into the feeling that everything will work out.

So whatever dress, costume – it’s just about getting the job done. When you look into the future to where you are comfortable with you your roots are tied down to the concept of your needs. you can and will make things happen for you. you can achieve anything in the right mood.

How Can You Use This Mindset?

The value of always being open to learning cannot be overstated. Each day presents a new opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve. As I navigated my journey, every stumbling block, every hurdle, was a lesson learned. By embracing this concept, we can evolve our perspective, approach problems with a fresh lens, and take calculated risks that we might otherwise shy away from.

Some Questions to Think About

  • What steps can I take to transition from overthinking to taking action?
  • How can I better balance logic and emotion in my decision-making process?
  • In what ways can I embrace change and uncertainty, rather than fearing them?
  • How might continuous learning and personal growth affect my approach to challenges and opportunities?
  • Could I benefit from the kind of training provided by the Master Hypnotist Society?
  • How can I apply the lessons from this post to improve my professional and personal life?
  • Do I tend to shirk away from risks and big opportunities due to fear or discomfort?
  • How can I work on expressing myself more authentically without fear of being labelled?

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