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Hypnosis is the fast, effective way to reach your goals

Thousands have successfully lost weight and kept it off with hypnosis.
Thousands more have reached other goals they had almost given up on!

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Lose Weight Painlessly

Stop Smoking for Good

Stress Management and Relief

Pain Management and Relief

Could Hypnosis Work For You?

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I feel great! I wish I had done this years ago.

— Barbara, Houston, TX

I’d have to say this is the best thing I could have done for myself. I honestly feel like a new person!

— Holly H., Pearland, TX

Amazing! Anyone who ever doubted hypnosis needs to give this a try. Had I known it would be this easy to get thin, I would have done it long ago.

– Donna H., League City, TX

What Sets Hypnosis Apart?

Natural & Drug-Free

No harsh drugs or chemicals necessary. Hypnosis is 100% natural — in fact it’s been used in one form or another for thousands of years.

Fast, Easy Results

Unlike the weeks they say it takes to change a habit, hypnosis doesn’t make you wait! It gives you a shortcut to start on the right track today.

Results that Last

If weight-loss is your goal, you’ll lose the weight and keep it off because hypnosis allows you to form new habits — that stick.

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Start Now in 3 Easy, Risk-Free Steps

Step 1

Call (281) 996-8000 for Your Free Screening

Schedule your no-risk, free screening where you’ll find out if you’re a good candidate for hypnosis. Many people start seeing results after the screening alone—but we continue to offer it for free so there’s no reason to wait to try hypnosis.

Step 2

Find Out if Hypnosis Can Work For Your Unique Situation

At your 30-45 free minute screening we’ll assess if hypnosis is right for you. We’ll explain all fees, policies, procedures, and guarantees so you can make an informed, pressure-free decision.

Step 3

Reach Your Goals — Backed by Our “Best Service” Guarantee

We aim to provide you the best service possible, so even though most people reach their goals in a matter of weeks, we promise to stick with you until you reach yours — with no extra charges. It’s all included in our Best Service Guarantee.

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Fast Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Is your eating out of control? Is being on the diet “merry-go-round” failing you? Discover a new way to get comfortable about losing weight safely with hypnosis. Our unique approach helps you stay comfortably fit and trim without being on a diet again. At Southeast Hypnosis, we will teach you how to naturally enjoy healthy and sensible foods while maintaining your focus and motivation. Read More →

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Fast Way to Stop Smoking

Many people think they are relaxing and relieving stress when they smoke, but the truth is that you are only increasing your anxiety and tension. If you are finding it just too hard to quit smoking we would like you to consider hypnosis! Now you can quit smoking without the hassle of nicotine replacement therapy. Read More →

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At Southeast Hypnosis Center, we will help you succeed where you never thought success was possible! It’s easy and simple.  Hypnosis can help you overcome a phobia, break a habit, reduce stress, build confidence, or manage pain.

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Stress Management & Relief

Are your fears controlling your daily life? Does anger and self-doubt get in the way of accomplishing your goals? Well now you don’t have to live in fear and anxiety; you can do something about it. You can learn techniques on how to control stress and fear of failure. Hypnosis helps control your state of mind and what you are thinking. With hypnosis, you will learn the skills to help you reduce stress and rid yourself of unnecessary emotions so you can achieve your goals.

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Pain Management & Relief

Are you in pain? Would you like an alternative to medication for relieving your discomfort? How about exploring the use of hypnosis to control or reduce your pain? In addition to medical treatment, hypnosis can generate positive results for what you thought was “impossible without medication”. At Southeast Hypnosis, we offer a cost effective and gentle approach with our natural pain management techniques. Hypnosis changes your perceptions about pain and has zero side effects.

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What People Are Saying About Southeast Hypnosis…

“After just a couple visits, I am confident in my choices. I no longer want or entertain negative thoughts of habits. I actively pursue healthy foods and exercise and approach each day with energy I did not have before.”

— Claire Kirby, Friendswood, TX

“I am feeling in control of my life choices for foods are improving and I am eating less and more healthy foods. I have lost 32 pounds in 6 weeks. I am seeing myself as healthy and thin.”

— Bill Jones, Friendswood, TX

“Hypnosis is a wonderful tool… I have been able to see and feel the difference between hunger eating and stress/bored eating.”

Sarah P., Houston, TX

“With our training, my husband and I have figured out we saved over $2,000/year just in eating out expense. Instead, we’re enjoying cooking at home healthy and nutritious foods together. Also, I have dropped two pants sizes in 4 weeks!”

Diana, Houston, TX

”I, in 4 weeks have lowered my blood pressure and am now a size smaller in shirts and pants, plus saving over $3,000 a year by not buying cokes daily!!”

Joe, Dianna’s husband, Houston, TX

Achieve Your Goals With Hypnosis!

Would you like to be more successful and have the ability to reach your goals? Whether it’s to lose weight, quit smoking, relieve stress or just manage anxiety or pain? Hypnosis can help you make your goals a reality! Have you ever experienced a profoundly comfortable, trance-like moment, like daydreaming? Well, hypnosis is similar; yet, your heightened focus and concentration allow you to achieve this state purposely. You are not unconscious during hypnosis; rather you typically become deeply relaxed and reduce your peripheral awareness, as if entering the beginning stages of sleep. While in this relaxed mindset, you become more receptive to new ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and behaviors.

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