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Clients at Houston’s Southeast Hypnosis know by first-hand experience that hypnosis is truly about changing your mind.

After your first visit to Southeast Hypnosis, things aren’t going to seem all that different, but they’ll probably begin to seem intuitively easier.

Here is a list of some of the most common issues clients use hypnosis programs to resolve:

Lose Weight – It’s not about following a diet; it’s about changing the way you think about what you food you eat and how you eat it. Hypnosis will help you make healthier food choices, eat less, and train you out of bad habits so that you consciously think about what you’re eating rather than making the same “automatic” bad food choices. Our clients frequently tell us our weight loss program is faster and easier than they expected.

Quit Smoking – When it comes to stopping smoking, no patch is as powerful as your mind can be. Stop buying cigarettes and end cravings NOW. Sessions at Southeast Hypnosis can help you reach a point where you have no desire to smoke.

Relieve Anxiety & Panic Attacks – Hypnosis sessions at Southeast Hypnosis can help you put those panic attack occasions into perspective, and manage them with more calm and confidence.

Gain Confidence – Sessions at Houston’s Southeast Hypnosis can help you recognize all the things you CAN do – starting right now!

Manage Anger – With Southeast Hypnosis Anger Management sessions, you’ll discover the cause of your anger and discover techniques that will create a positive outcome from tense situations and routine events.

Control Pain – Hypnosis has been used to treat everything from replacing anesthesia to helping fibromyalgia patients have more energy. Hypnosis can be a powerful ally in managing your current pain level.

Strengthen Your Relationship – Southeast Hypnosis can help you and your partner by showing you the tools necessary to successfully rebuild your relationship and come out stronger than ever before.

Get Motivated! – Sessions at Southeast Hypnosis offer you the tools and perspective you need to help you become more productive. You’ll probably  notice that you do have the motivation and enthusiasm to take on the things you’ve been putting off – you just need to unlock it.

Improve Performance – Performance Improvement sessions at Houston Southeast Hypnosis can help you reach a peaceful place, where the expected result is being able to making split decisions and executing efficiently in the heat of the game or public performance.

Overcome Fears/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD is an unfortunate aftereffect that many people experience who have served in our military or who have worked in stressful situations such as police work, firefighting, emergency responses, and medical treatments. Other people fear things such as open places, germs, insects, bodies of water, darkness, loneliness, and elevators. Hypnosis sessions at Southeast Hypnosis can help give context for these fears, help you gain perspective, and introduce coping skills that can help you be more comfortable in situations that used to scare you.

Lift A Negative Mood – Sometimes you long for joy, but can’t help but be overwhelmed by negativity. The team at Houston’s Southeast Hypnosis wants to remind you that there is hope. During your sessions, we can help you face negative feelings by focusing on the cause deep within your subconscious.