Painful Injuries—Painful Weight

I had a significant amount of pain after a series of injuries—first my ankle and then my hip—which kept me away from exercising, as well as being able to tend to my grandchildren. Just going up stairs became a major challenge. I wasn’t sure which was more painful—the physical injury pain, or the pain of weight gain.

More Clothes In My Closet Than I Could Fit Into 

I was so sick of looking in a closet full of beautiful clothes and only being able to fit into three outfits!

Bathing Suit? No Way!

Plus, I live in a water community so I was doubly conscious how awful I looked in a swimsuit. The worst part of being overweight though, was feeling like I wasn’t in control of my body or the pain associated with the injuries and weight—I couldn’t move easily and the pain was constant—I just knew the weight had to come off! So I called Southeast Hypnosis to see if I could be accepted into their program.

Next: I Got Cancer

Just a few weeks into my hypnosis program, everything was going wonderfully when out of the blue, I was hit with a breast cancer diagnosis. I was devastated. I had so much starting to go right for me—my weight loss had begun to happen, my eating was way better, I was more relaxed, drinking lots of water, and enjoying all of it! Then this huge medical problem dropped in my lap.

Hypnosis Prepared Me For My Fight

What I realized was that my hypnosis training was actually preparing me for this cancer. Classes at MD Anderson reinforced exactly what I had already been taught in Julie’s hypnosis training—a healthy overall approach to my body and my life physically, emotionally and spiritually. And the best thing was, I was already doing just that and feeling great about it!

The Wake Up Call I Needed

I came to the realization that I could actually benefit from the cancer—having already put hypnosis techniques and the personal suggestions into practice made me shift my life into being all the more meaningful and empowered, answering the call to my higher self.

Life Coach Creates Health & Personal Integrity

Furthermore, I realized as a professional Life Coach, I was not living a life of integrity with respect to how I was taking care of myself and being balanced in the emotional and physical parts of my life. I knew hypnosis would work, because the way I train my clients is help to them change the way they think about things—just like hypnosis helps shift people into different states of mind that create a different outcome in their life. Hypnosis training and listening to those wonderful audio programs helped me to be a better Life Coach!

Everybody Needs Accountability

What was especially inspiring to me was Southeast Hypnosis’ “Stick-With-It” Service Guarantee and that she provided me with a level of accountability for taking action on the suggestions and guidance. As a trainer myself, I certainly appreciate the integrity in which she practices.

Size 8 Success and a Trip To South America!

I completed my training with Southeast Hypnosos after I went through the cancer treatments. I lost 46 pounds and went from a 16 to a size 8. WOW! I rewarded myself with a trip to the Amazon and Peru—hiking up to Machu Pichu! I couldn’t have done it without hypnosis mentally and physically preparing me for such an adventure—and the rest of my life as a naturally thin person!