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At Houston’s Southeast Hypnosis, our counselors and staff are committed to helping clients change their habits, modify their lifestyles, and overcome challenges in areas such as weight loss, stopping smoking, and managing anxiety and stress.

With our convenient location and under the supervision of Director Rose Klein, Southeast Hypnosis is a Houston area leader in hypnosis therapies.

Qualified Counseling

Rose Klein is a Certified Hypnotist, a practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, and a national hypnosis trainer. She has expertise in teaching the McFall Hypnosis Method. In Rose’s career, she has personally successfully treated hundreds of clients in anxiety relief, weight loss and quit-smoking programs.

Free Screening

Southeast Hypnosis conducts a free screening before any treatment program begins. This screening takes less than an hour, and is informative and fun. Potential clients receive an in-depth and honest evaluation of their situation. We will tell you if we believe that your circumstances do not make you a good candidate for hypnosis treatment. There’s no better way to learn about hypnosis and the role it may play in your quality of life than by receiving a free screening. Schedule yours by calling Southeast Hypnosis today at 281-996-8000.

Our “Stay With It” Guarantee

At Southeast Hypnosis, we believe so strongly in the value of our programs that we offer a “Stay With It” Guarantee. Essentially, if you are making progress in your program, but you fall short of your goal in the anticipated timeframe, we will continue to work with you. No matter the number of sessions you need to achieve your desired results, we will “stay with you” until they are accomplished.

Professional Facilities

Southeast Hypnosis offers state-of-the art facilities to provide our clients with the best possible experience. Our offices provide plenty of space for both individual sessions and custom programs.

Leading health professionals such as Dr. Oz, major medical facilities, and research organizations all believe in the value of hypnosis as part of a worthwhile self-improvement program.

Contact Southeast Hypnosis at 281-996-8000 to start on your path of achieving your goals.

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